In search of the perfect NYC

In search of the perfect glasses, in NYC

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Eyewear lovers, welcome to New York!

This elegant town (I’m suspicious to talk about it, because I’m madly in love with the lights, promises and all Manhattan noises ). In the city that never stops you will find a selection of shops with spectacular shapes that will highlight all you have to offer.  The first impression is what stays, and what goes on your nose is your business card … therefore, invest in those frames, babe!


Oleg Rabinovich, shop owner, ( lucky you, if you get to be entertained by him)  is considered much more of a consultant than a salesperson. And Surreal is a curatorial space, showcase for unique models , independent designers and vintage models. Among the portfolio are Kuboraum , Dzimtry Samal , Face a Face , Theo and Anne et Valentine. Surreal recently launched its own line, interesting.

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Selima Optique

Selima Salaun is an elegant and sensitive woman. The kind that sits on a corner and simply observes for long periods of time.  She believes that eyewear should be a reflection of personality. No wonder the choosing moment is so serious and important. She and her team sit, talk, and seek to understand the customer’s profile before suggesting glasses. The unique collection focuses on awesome vintage pieces, and new shapes from the likes of Blake Kuwahara, Jacques Marie Mage, and her very own and exciting line.

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Fabulously Fanny’s

Fanny’s is an amusement park . The store has an incredible selection of vintage pieces dating (some ) of the 18th century and stroll through history until we reach the avant grade pieces. The archive is as exciting as having 10 different Pierre glasses and very rare Brigitte Bardot shapes!Customers should feel at home, and are encouraged to sit and look through glasses calmly, nuzzling the files, experimenting, whilst chatting with the staff. Go to Fabulously Fanny’s, but go with plenty of time , it will be worth .

Em busca do óculos perfeito...Moscot

Moscot is a Manhattan icon. The brand and shop are part of the history of the island, whose roots date back to 1899. Today there are three stores in Manhattan and an optical line that includes bestsellers like The Moscot Originals, Moscot Spirit, and Moscot Sun Collections sold in shops around the world. The folding model Moscot Lemtosh has become classic among hipsters.

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Facial Index

Ode to the avant garde design. In this clean room, zen, contemporary, which greatly resembles a loft in a Japanese town, actually is a very special eyewear store in the heart of Soho. The store brings Japanese brands all with simple design (at first glance), but with the technology and fit worthy of the land of the rising sun. Especially colored acetates from Spivvy brand  and the turtle models carved by hand from Taihachiroh – Kinsei . The specs are produced in small quantities so the chance of finding another one walking around is almost nil .

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Morgenthal Frederics

Morgenthal is a superb New York store. Whenever I go in I feel like I made it to Manhattan. The attendants have tabs with customer data and details of their recent purchases (sophisticated , something we do not see around anymore). The selection is very well curated, and many designers make pieces exclusively for Morgenthal.  What I like this store is their own buffalo horn glasses.

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Cutler and Gross

Manhattan’s best kept secret. Imagine entering the closet of a #Specsaddict. A dream, right? The Cutler Soho store is just that. A giant closet with shelving that goes to the ceiling, lined with glasses, all separated by color. The window which faces the street does not live up to the greatness and delights that are inside the store. The best kept treasure is at the very far end of the store. A museum with designs from the 60s to mid-90s which are no longer manufactured. Amazingly enough, all for sale.

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

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