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Ahlem Eyewear, An ode to Paris

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“I wanted my collection to represent the real Paris, a city that isn’t defined by brands or trends, but rather by the people – a mix of artists and intellects who work hard and hustle, yet who take time to relax and play as well.”


If the city of Paris were a person, Ahlem would be the eyewear of choice.


Ahlem Manai-Platt is the designer behind the eyewear brand that carries her name. A true Parisian understands the DNA of the City of Lights like no one else. All the history, the chaos, the fun and the uniqueness that make Paris what it is, all of which are translated on to an effortlessly chic-mood on which Ahlem’s designs stand upon. The brand is a delicate tribute to the city of Paris.


Each frame is named after a Parisian neighborhood and the main characteristics of the area are translated onto the eyewear. The main inspiration for every “family” comes from the architecture and the streets that make each vicinity unique. Like many of the Danish designers who have a love for simple lines, Ahlem too designs glasses that do not dwell on excessive ornamentation and whose lines move forward in a sleek and clean manner.


Going about an Ahlem frame is a lot like discovering Paris. One must allow time to get lost, to move slowly, to let the city sink in. Beauty is hidden in the subtlest details, be it the signature vintage acetate temple tip, the flex hinges made from the same supplier for the Cartier flex, the ceramic nose pad, the beveled arms, or the vintage acetate. A word must be said about the use of this magical hand-selected Mazzucchelli vintage acetate full of colour, translucidness and extremely rare. These are some of the details that make an Ahlem frame. It is not fashion, trends, or a desire to become a ‘one hit wonder’, but rather an uncompromising attention to detail, complete technical domain, and the certainty to be creating timeless pieces.


Ahlem frames do not jump out, nor do they yell for attention On the contrary, these are frames full of personality but one that is not a “show stopper” but a “personality enhancer”, if you will. Ahlem believes that the glasses someone wears are a clear sign of their personality, something so linked to whom they really are, that it is almost impossible to lie, or hide behind a frame. All glasses are designed to fit people, and are not there to be ‘carnival’ pieces that in many cases do not align with someone’s true self. Therefore, she doesn’t work on statement pieces. The statement here is in accordance with the brand’s low key DNA: to enhance one’s true self without making them look as though they were trying too hard.

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