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Comfort comes from understanding the anatomy of the face and creating a frame that works in harmony with the contours.A face is three dimensional.That is why we create and manufacture STEPPER glasses in three dimensions.Anything else would be a dishonest commitment .

 _ Hans Stepper

Anatomy and comfort may sound absolutely redundant when it comes to glasses, however, now more than ever with the absurd amount of new players, with the design ahead of fit and a constant urge to innovate with each new collection, precisely the essence of the glasses is falling behind. That said, STEPPER, unlike its competitors, strictly follows the teachings and vision of its founder who since 1970 delivers: QUALITY.

Welcome to the world of STEPPER Eyewear, a company that can pride itself on creating its own legacy through the creation of a vast range of products for absolutely every face, tastes and pockets.

Every STEPPER project begins with basic consumer needs and from then on practical, durable pieces with a timeless design are created. STEPPER has collected morphological information from various ethnicities over the years so as to have profound knowledge regarding dimensions and fit. Knowing your consumer thoroughly is vital for a man who believes that “The most important function of a frame is to hold a pair of lenses in a correct and comfortable way in front of the eyes.”- Hans Stepper.

STEPPER’s foundation is to create modern and sophisticated collections, combining flawless technology, advanced materials and comfort. STEPPER’s commitment to quality lies in the eight characteristics that make its products unique: lightness, exibility, durability, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenic, comfort, perfect fit and three-dimensional shape.

The materials used by STEPPER are a huge differential when compared to its competitors. The amount of technology and study poured into creation has allowed STEPPER to produce eyewear that is super light, hypo-allergenic and most importantly eyewear that requires minimal maintenance due to the use of intelligent materials that hold their fit (memory) for longer periods. The most used materials are titanium, beta-titanium, stainless steel and TX5, the latter, Swiss made and for exclusive use by STEPPER, developed as an alternative to acetate and cotton fiber because it is lighter, more resistant and its shape remains unchanged over the years.

STEPPER portfolio consists of 3 brands with very distinct appeals, so as to offer specific products, for very specific consumers.


All components are made of titanium and / or TX5. The design is classic and evident in the smallest details, especially the arms.


The S line is designed and created by Saskia Stepper, daughter of Hans Stepper. The collection has a lot of her youth and boldness in it. The frames are made of TX5 and / or stainless steel.


When the most respected lens brand on the planet joins a brand of frames, we know that the latter should be equally unsurpassed in its category. No sooner said than done. In partnership with ZEISS, STEPPER creates frames of the highest quality, produced with superior materials, perfect for ZEISS lenses.

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