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10 Women eyewear designers to follow

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Being a woman, a proud wearer of eyewear and a person who believes that all design should be a reflection of the designers’ intentions, I could not let this month go by without celebrating 10 amazing designers whom I have had the pleasure to meet. Mind you the eyewear world is full of extraordinary woman, all of them with different voices, interesting concepts and firm believes. These are but a few names that you should absolutely know.

 Caroline Abram – Caroline Abram Paris

Caroline is the perfect personification of “French woman style”. She is elegant, delicate and very very strong. So are her designs. An optician made designer, she is obsessed with details and colors. Her frames are made for every woman who wants to feel fabulous, wants to feel herself and wants to dress her own confidence. Her designs start with the shape of woman’s eyebrows, thus the fit is absolutely amazing, each one of her frames feel like they were made just for you. The use of colors makes you want to match each frame with a different make up palette and a different bag. Not to mention that her designs make it obvious that all women can explore makeup behind these glasses that are accessories and are in no way a mask to hide behind. Boring is never in stock.



Gai Gherardi & Barbara McReynolds – l.a.Eyeworks

l.a.Eyeworks is part of eyewear history. The brand is the vision of two extremely inspiring women: Barbara McReynolds & Gai Gherardi . “We design eyewear to celebrate the diversity of faces and the uniqueness of individuals. The glasses we make are sparks of our imagination. You complete these thoughts and bring the dreams of l.a.Eyeworks into being.” Since the late 70s they have been challenging the eyewear market, the norms, and making it clearer and clearer that “A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame.” And Frames with a capital F is what they deliver. Exploring different shapes and playing around with bright colors and unique acetate combinations is their greatest specialty.  These ladies know no limit to their imagination.


Marion Frost – Frost Eyewear

Marion is this enormous and loving character. Eccentric in her fabulous way. She is completely absorbed in details, and those subtleties and attention to detail are one of the main traits in her designs. She is a storyteller and a person who believes in the beauty of narratives. Her designs begin with stories from her childhood and other she picked along the way. These can be as simple as a lady who lives in the forest, as intricate as the movement of molecules or a pick me up tale where the shape of eyewear is meant to stimulate positive thoughts in the wearer. And the stories are told in fascinating and very unusual designs that often mix fun color compositions. She makes a point of showing that her designs have the power to transform who wears them. Her eyewear feels good and the stories are curious and uplifting. Marion shines, her eyes tell stories and she has mastered the concept of translating this lovely imagination of hers onto her consumers. She truly believes in the transformational power of good eyewear.


Anna-Karin Karlsson

Anna is the strong female figure that is in all of us (but not all of us have the courage to show). A lot like her personality, her frames are bold, full of details and absurdly complex. Her main drive in designing glasses is to take beauty to the world. She wants her female consumers to be her spokespeople dressed in this spectacular armor embellished with crystals, metal and precious stones. Anna tells fairy tales, and all her collections begin in this lovely fantasy world of hers and are then translated onto her eyewear. Each pair is a wonderful journey through fantastic worlds with the same outstandingly confident and beautiful woman in the drivers seat. Her eyewear is intended to make women feel absolutely stunning and get heads turning their way.


Ahlem Manai-Platt- Ahlem Eyewear

Ahlem is Paris. Her eyewear represents the real Paris, one created by the history, the chaos, the fun and the uniqueness that make Paris what it is, all of which are translated on to an effortlessly chic-mood on which Ahlem’s designs stand upon. Each frame is named after a Parisian neighborhood and the main characteristics of the area are translated onto the eyewear. The main inspiration for every “family” comes from the architecture and the streets that make each vicinity unique. This is not a fashion-oriented brand, it is a love brand created by a real Parisian. Ahlem frames do not jump out, nor do they yell for attention, on the contrary, these are frames full of personality but one that is not a “show stopper” but a “personality enhancer”, if you will. Ahlem believes that the glasses someone wears are a clear sign of their personality, something so linked to whom they really are, that it is almost impossible to lie, or hide behind a frame.


Fa Empel – Pawaka

Fahrani Empel (Fa’) is the creative mind behind the eyewear label Pawaka. She is an incredibly fierce and complex figure: designer, model, actress and environmental activist, to name a few of her very interesting facets. An Indonesian herself, she has managed to bring her heritage and rich cultural background into the design that mixes storytelling with a futuristic design. PAWAKA is the Sanskrit word for Fire; and the code name of Fa’s grandfather in World War II. Paying homage to Fa’s native land, all styles are named in numerical order of the Bahasa Indonesia Language. Pawaka is a journey through the elements, through culture and through nature, brought to us by a globetrotter who masters pop culture and has a very firm identity to stand upon. Pawaka’s frames have a discrete  crudeness to them that makes them as interesting as our protagonist. It takes some time to let the design sink in, and you need a while to appreciate the contrasting shapes and acute edges.

Sabine Bégault-Vagner – Sabine Be

Sabine is one of those people with a Sunshine aura to her and a youthful playfulness, all of which are translated on to fun colorful eyewear designs. Eyewear is a childhood dream that was only accomplished later in her life, but one clearly sees the passion poured into each collection. All of her designs, whether for men, women or children have the same ‘feel good’ vibe to them. The idea of fun and games starts with the circle and the square that make up her logo, are then translated to the temples tips, and to the eyewear shapes. Everything is light, joyful and carefree. Her brand mission should be in all of us, and despite very strong and very clear, it is counter balanced by light and fun designs. According to Sabine: be as in to be. be as in to exist. Passionately be. Simply Be.



Nadine Dalal- Delalle

Delalle embodies Nadine’s journey and the making of a dream, which took her from Beirut to London and beyond, to create a brand that is luxurious, authentic and above all, unique. Nadine’s designs are a reflection of her dreams and her imagination that travels all over the world and through all decades but is always guided by a feeling of knowing who you are and what makes you happy. This lightness and certainty is what she wants one to take away from her frames. Each pair of these luxury shades presents a distinctive flair, brought forth by a seamless merging of inspiration and contemporary culture, materializing in a high-quality product that is at once cutting-edge, distinct and trendy. “Delalle caters to people who like myself love statement pieces, aren’t afraid to express themselves and stimulates their imagination. Essentially each collection comes as a limited edition. Without a doubt, sunglass design has opened up doors in executing and portraying my creativity and passion for design.”

Erida Schaefer – La Frida

Erida is an artist, not only that, but like myself she is Brazilian. Eyewear design is still estranged in our country, so having met her, filled me with joy. She has always been experimenting with colors and materials. Only very recently did she discover in eyewear the perfect support for her noteworthy language. A lot like her bold personality her designs are flashy, fun and spirited. She designs eyewear that draws attention to the wearer and her specs are the icing on any cake: creative, unique and truly one of a kind. She once told me that she began hand painting her vintage sunglasses because she was bored with the monotone palette she saw on the streets, and she could not understand why people where shielding themselves behind dark and boring glasses when they ought to be themselves. She then took upon herself the job of showing women how fun and personalized eyewear can be. Lucky us she moved from the canvass to the frames.

Marie Wilkinson- Cutler and Gross

Graham Cutler and Tony Gross brought  Marie Wilkinson on board because of her “flare, taste and innate sense of style”. Marie has been the Creative Director of the London based brand Cutler and Gross for over 30 years. She is an exceptional woman, with complete technical dominance and an eye for sophistication. She understand that a bold choice of eyewear indicates a certain inner confidence and thus creates eyewear to help people of the most different personalities tell their stories.




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