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Hyping your black specs

06 April 2018,   By ,   0 Comments

First things first: your specs are only the starting point, not the finish line.

Stepper SI-20058 F900

SI-20058 F900

From the first time I chose to wear a pair of personality glasses, I realized that that piece had opened up a million opportunities for me. Each piece of eyewear tells a story, each one allows for a look composition, the creation of a character, and a fantasy. The glasses are above anything else a strong accessory with the power to tell a lot about you.

Knowing that many women are still afraid of wearing glasses I decided to do a series of posts with Stepper Eyewear to prove that a same look, with different glasses and many accessories allows for new and unexpected looks. Get your note pad out 🙂

Glasses are not retainers. They are a nice accessory that we want to show off to the world. They are not a mask behind which we must hide. The glasses exist to (obviously) improve our vision, but at the same time we embellish and stand out from the crowd because of them.

That said, our very first topic: basic black. Black is a wonderful color that allows for a multitude of possibilities. Gone are the days when a black eyewear was ‘nerd’, or ‘boring’ or  even worse, ‘office look’. The good thing about black specs is that you can basically create around the look with prints, fun accessories, and counter balance all these fun elements with your black glasses.

Half-rimmed models like these in the photos below, which could be discreet, make a fabulous look when we invest in beautiful make up (yes, glasses allow you to work on your eyeliner and mascara behind the lenses !!!), and play with maxi earrings full of volume just to balance the lightness of these specs.

Black and White specs: This does not mean that you should always leave the house in black and/or white. Think about the colorful details of the glasses as actual details, and look out for clothes that have little details, whether white or black so as to create dialogue with your specs, and with that you break the seriousness of the look, but are still in the safe zone of knowing that you are daring so with parsimony.

Now go ahead play, try and dare a lot! Needing new specs?  Stepper Eyewear has an amazing mix of specs that are versatile and super light to use from the office to the gala event! Just create your look with fun accessories and lots of personality.

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