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Centro Óptico in Porto Alegre

When it comes to glasses with exclusive design in Porto Alegre, Centro Óptico is a reference in its own right.

The fame is no coincidence: the company is headed by fashion designer Shanna Kulisz ROCHE and her father, Moacir Kulisz, who pay special attention to the eyewear fashion associated with high quality lenses. “We always look for a mix of shapes with unique frames to see well and with great ccharacter! We love the design of brands that we choose carefully to represent the personality of each one of our customers, ” says the businesswoman.

To keep the store up to date with the latest news, professionals travel constantly throughout the year to major trade shows in European centers, buying exclusive lines directly from manufacturers. The French designers Anne et Valentin and Caroline Abram and the Italians Look Occhialli, Germano Gambini, BLACKFIN and LaMarca are constant presence on the shelves of the boutique – both in the city center and in Moinhos de Vento, a charming neighborhood in the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. And because the company’s core business is visual, sales windows are an attractive addition and receieve special dedication. Always developed by a designer, the creative and elaborate compositions of the windows surprise those who pass by.

Rua Luciana Abreu, 475 – Moinhos de Vento
Rua Gal Vitorino, 77 – Centro
Eyewear guide in Lisbon by Mr. Sunglasses

Expert in the subject Portugal, André Oliveira, editor of Mr. Sunglasses, has chosen the most trendy and interesting eyewear stores in Lisbon for those who are ready to go to the Portuguese capital.


Olhar de Prata

Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo 21, 1050-116 Lisboa

Made up of a young and dynamic team, they stand out for the exclusivity of some brands in fashion, avant-garde luxury and the use of highly  technological equipments. They have private rooms with direct access to a more discreet and exclusive service. With four years of existence and inserted in a company of the optical branch with 25 years of existence, this was the first optics with “Carl Zeiss Experience” worldwide.


Rua Rodrigues Faria, LX Factory, Edifício I Piso 0 Espaço 0.01D, 1300-501 Lisboa

With just over a year, M.Oculista.Lx is located in Alcântara, in the LX Factory. This is an optics that gives the deserved distinction to independent brands like Andy Wolf, Komono, Italia Independent, among others. This store also offers optometry and contatology consultations. The space and decor are unusual, combining vintage style, with contemporary  eyewear pieces.

André Ópticas

Av. da Liberdade 136 A, 1250-146 Lisboa

Located in the center of Lisbon, more precisely on the most luxurious avenue of Lisbon at number 136 is André Ópticas, the brands’ flagship store. With 600 square meters this space was created thinking about the well-being of its customers. The services are varied, from the usual clinical services to the manufacture of bespoke glasses. This space inaugurated in 2010, redefined the concept of optics and is the culmination of years of passion and dedication to eyewear.

Óptica Príncipe Real

Rua D. Pedro V 75, 1250-093 Lisboa

Located in the historic district of the city of Lisbon, Óptica Príncipe Real, is a space totally dedicated to offer quality glasses to its clients, seeking to satisfy their needs.

Óticas OCR

Rua Ferreira Borges 94 D, 1350-135 Lisboa

Italy Independent, Mykita or Massada are some of the independent brands that can be found in their wide range of offers. It also has the execution of prescription and personalized service.


Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 32 C, 1050-016 Lisboa

Founded in 1984, Optocentro began its commercial activity in 1985. Today, more than ever before, the priority is personalized service to its clients in the field of ocular optics, increasing technical-scientific skills, favoring personalized and diversified solutions that look for the balance between price and quality. They have a wide variety of frames and sunglasses, from the classics, stylish with their retro futuristic tendencies, to the exclusive models of luxury and high jewelery. It also offers a differentiated offer in ophthalmic lenses and contact lenses. In the more technical scope, there are several offers of eye prostheses and low vision devices.

Oculista Central da Graça

Rua Penha de França, 41 C, 1170-299 Lisboa

Known to be an optic that bets on innovation, high technology and with representation of the main brands in the market, Oculista Central da Graça welcomes its clients with the latest fashion trends. It has a team composed of specialists in optometry, contactology, technicians and optical commercials, distinguished by IAPMEI as PME Líder.

Óptica do Sacramento

Calçada do Sacramento, 14, 1200-394 Lisboa

At Óptica do Sacramento, a luxury boutique in Chiado, they reinvent ancient inspirations and preserve the beauty of the silhouettes of the past. Most of their glasses are produced by hand, keeping the exclusivity of the limited editions. In the store its possible to feel a magnetism with contemporaneity that, at the same time, always respects the best of the styles of the past.

Olhar de Prata

Avenida da Liberdade, 258, 1250-149 Lisboa

Olhar de Prata inaugurated its first Concept Store dedicated exclusively to luxury brands. Recognized for its extraordinary portfolio and unique and irreverent exclusive brands, it has a minimalist décor spread over three floors, dominated by champagne tones and with a visual depth that ends in a vertical garden set on an outside deck. In this new store we can find its exclusive brands: Shamballa, MAYBACH, Projekt Produkt, Spektre, Karen Walker, Paradis Collection and La Petite Lunette Rouge.

NY’s best eyewear stores. Part 2

I’m back from another NYC season, and as customary I HAVE NEWS! I searched high and low for the best eyewear stores and must go to destinations when in town. I’ve updated the city guide with fresh picks!

Punto Ottico Humaneyes

A shy showcase in the Upper East hides secrets worthy of an art gallery. The store is intimate, the eyewear is carefully displayed and precisely illuminated. All specs are separated by COLOR! One could expect nothing less granted that the pieces shown are in fact works of art. The focus is on independent brands, and new bets. There we’ll find, for example: Vava, Jacques Durand, Masahiro Maruyama, Theo, Veronika Wildgruber, among some others hand picked. The service is impeccable. Take your time, try as many pieces as needed, be in silence and appreciate the eyewear. It’s a must!

Three Monkeys Eyewear

This super funky this store in Soho was an amazing find . The pieces are very trendy, and the selection is huge . The coolest thing is that everything is organized by shape!!! The brands that line the walls are, for example : 40 million, Komono, Super, Toms and their very own 3 Monkeys . The prices are also fabulous, not to mention that its in a gorgeous street and the staff is extra friendly and hip.


There are two addresses, one in NYC and one in Miami. The store has become synonymous with good taste and exclusivity among #SpecsAddicts . The selection varies from LA Eyeworks to Oliver Goldsmith vintage going through some fabulous Kirk & Kirk and Blake Kuwahara‘s, for example. Quantity vc quality is the norm. All up-to-date and many super special or numbered pieces. The service is sublime. Do stop by if you want to stand out.

Anne Et Valentin 

I love wandering into the shops of Anne et Valentin . Very few exhibited products and exceptional service. Only after a chat does the professional begin to pick out eyewear for your need and personality. But do not expect your typical aviator or pantos . The mix very diverse, with many unusual shapes , metals, acetates and vibrant colors . In addition to several pieces from Anne et Valentin, the stores also carry Jean Philippe Joly, Kuboraum, Jacques Marie Mage and Theo. Its worth the trip.

In search of the perfect glasses, in NYC

Eyewear lovers, welcome to New York!

This elegant town (I’m suspicious to talk about it, because I’m madly in love with the lights, promises and all Manhattan noises ). In the city that never stops you will find a selection of shops with spectacular shapes that will highlight all you have to offer.  The first impression is what stays, and what goes on your nose is your business card … therefore, invest in those frames, babe!


Oleg Rabinovich, shop owner, ( lucky you, if you get to be entertained by him)  is considered much more of a consultant than a salesperson. And Surreal is a curatorial space, showcase for unique models , independent designers and vintage models. Among the portfolio are Kuboraum , Dzimtry Samal , Face a Face , Theo and Anne et Valentine. Surreal recently launched its own line, interesting.

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

Selima Optique

Selima Salaun is an elegant and sensitive woman. The kind that sits on a corner and simply observes for long periods of time.  She believes that eyewear should be a reflection of personality. No wonder the choosing moment is so serious and important. She and her team sit, talk, and seek to understand the customer’s profile before suggesting glasses. The unique collection focuses on awesome vintage pieces, and new shapes from the likes of Blake Kuwahara, Jacques Marie Mage, and her very own and exciting line.

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

Fabulously Fanny’s

Fanny’s is an amusement park . The store has an incredible selection of vintage pieces dating (some ) of the 18th century and stroll through history until we reach the avant grade pieces. The archive is as exciting as having 10 different Pierre glasses and very rare Brigitte Bardot shapes!Customers should feel at home, and are encouraged to sit and look through glasses calmly, nuzzling the files, experimenting, whilst chatting with the staff. Go to Fabulously Fanny’s, but go with plenty of time , it will be worth .

Em busca do óculos perfeito...Moscot

Moscot is a Manhattan icon. The brand and shop are part of the history of the island, whose roots date back to 1899. Today there are three stores in Manhattan and an optical line that includes bestsellers like The Moscot Originals, Moscot Spirit, and Moscot Sun Collections sold in shops around the world. The folding model Moscot Lemtosh has become classic among hipsters.

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

Facial Index

Ode to the avant garde design. In this clean room, zen, contemporary, which greatly resembles a loft in a Japanese town, actually is a very special eyewear store in the heart of Soho. The store brings Japanese brands all with simple design (at first glance), but with the technology and fit worthy of the land of the rising sun. Especially colored acetates from Spivvy brand  and the turtle models carved by hand from Taihachiroh – Kinsei . The specs are produced in small quantities so the chance of finding another one walking around is almost nil .

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

Morgenthal Frederics

Morgenthal is a superb New York store. Whenever I go in I feel like I made it to Manhattan. The attendants have tabs with customer data and details of their recent purchases (sophisticated , something we do not see around anymore). The selection is very well curated, and many designers make pieces exclusively for Morgenthal.  What I like this store is their own buffalo horn glasses.

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

Cutler and Gross

Manhattan’s best kept secret. Imagine entering the closet of a #Specsaddict. A dream, right? The Cutler Soho store is just that. A giant closet with shelving that goes to the ceiling, lined with glasses, all separated by color. The window which faces the street does not live up to the greatness and delights that are inside the store. The best kept treasure is at the very far end of the store. A museum with designs from the 60s to mid-90s which are no longer manufactured. Amazingly enough, all for sale.

Em busca do óculos perfeito...

Best optical shops in Venice

Whenever I describe a city I am referring to Venice. Once the memory images are translated into words, the memories are lost. Maybe I’m afraid of losing Venice. Or who knows when talking about other cities I have already lost it, little by little

 _Polo, Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino

There are no half words or incomplete emotions when it comes to Venice. It is not a city, it is an experience. It is not ancient or modern, it is in all its splendor, the present. The tourists that pass by are often divided between those who love and those who hate this city surrounded by 146 islands intertwined by 450 bridges.

According to the poet Brodsky, Venice is above the category of city, it is an experience, a parallel universe, a watershed for those who can afford to walk unhurriedly through this city that does not know the movement of cars, absorbing their noises, the melody of the bells, their odors and their infinite palette of colors. There you do not walk, you float.

This city, far from the category of city, because it is half fairy tale and half reality, provides a constant sensation of novelty and discoveries. Venice is not modern, it is eternal. Venice is simply, Venice. Peggy Guggenheim said it best:

It is always assumed that Venice is the ideal city for a honeymoon, but it is a serious mistake. To live in Venice, or simply to visit it, means to fall in love with it, and in the heart there is no room for anything else.

I was taken by this sudden love for Venice, to such extent that I am back every two ears to ratify my affair. One of the reasons is to revive the city through the famous Venice Biennale. Every two years I come across a new city, with new artists, more and more heated discussions, and unusual works. In the midst of all this art, I also find, my greatest source of inspiration: the optical production that in Venice (as well as everything in that city) is extra special. I would dare say that there is something in the water of Venice (pollution apart), because the creativity of the designers falls short of the rest of the world. If the streets keept secrets, then the best hidden ones are the optical shops that house splendorous designs.


Here’s a must go to selection when in Venice.

Ottica Urbani

Marco Frezzeria 1280, Venezia
Tel. 041 5224140

The store dates back to 1952. Enormous figures like Hemingway, Vedova, Carlo Scarpa and the most famous contemporary client, Elton John, have all been there. The three children of the original Urbani  manage the store nowadays. All specs are hand-made in Belluno (the world’s optical production center, which is 3 hours from Venice), and all the pieces have one thing in common: “ironic” design, as Fosca Urbani says. “An eyewear can not just be an eyewear, it should be a fun, attractive and exceptional piece.” This is what the visitor will find in Urbani.  The pieces are produced on a small scale, the designs are unique and there are no other outlets other than the physical store or the e-commerce brand. The ideal address for anyone looking for exclusivity, good prices and eccentric shapes, all designed and sold by true Venetians, full of stories to share.


Ottica Mantovani

Merceria del Capitello, 4860, 30124 Venezia VE, Itália

Mantovani inaugurated in 1871 and remains until today in the very same address. It is still a familiar shop, with production in Belluno. The designer is Mrs. Carlon (daughter of Mr. Carlon, who bought the shop in the 1940s). Amongst the clientele are Peggy Guggenheim and most recently Elton John (lover of Venice and of glasses). Ms. Carlon’s predilection are customers with personality and audacity, who might be able to sport her asymmetric and very controversial creations. At the back of the store is a small museum with very rare shapes and designs that date from the beginning of the 20th century.


Ottica Carraro

Calle de la Mandola, 3706, 30124 Venezia VE, Itália

Carraro is more modern and less exclusive than other Venetian optical shops. The house brand itself is less expressive than the other commercial models that the store sells. But, it is noteworthy that the opaque acetate, which to the eye seems rubbery, is stunning. There are few shapes and the collections are not updated annually, but like all eyewear “fatto a mano” in Belluno, the quality is indisputable. Carraro is a good tip for men and women with classic tastes, lovers of round models and turtle prints.


Calle delle Ostreghe, 2436, 30124 Venezia VE, Itália

Imagine walking into the lab of a mad scientist, that really cliche character, with transparent high-tech glasses, gadgets, and everything clean around you. This is the sensation one has when entering Micromega, a high-tech uber optic just a few steps from Campo de San Stefano. It is almost incongruous to find a place so technological in such an ancient city. Micromega is a destination for those who want to spend (a lot) to have an exclusive piece, and at the same time has personality to spare. Their expertise is in the production of eyewear in titanium, buffalo horn and bamboo. But the design is not specifically ON the frames. Micromega works the lenses. That is, each pair of lenses is drawn and laser cut into delicate sheet designs, asymmetrical shapes, or geometric contours. The pieces are very light and extremely delicate. They are very interesting (from the manufacturing point of view) but not always flattering.


Ottica Manuela

Salizzada San Samuele, San Marco, 3145

The eyewear mix at Ottica Manuela is sublime. The decor is super fun, you sit in a closet  surrounded by very funky and original glasses. The mix will go from Io Eyewear to PQ, passing through Saturnino. The forte is in the independent Italian design, but this does not mean that there is no room for the rest of the world. The sales team is cool and humorous. Worth the visit.

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