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Sunglasses for Burning Man

Come august 27th those of us not physically present at Burning Man will suffer a great deal of fomo!

Internet has made this alternate reality/camp/utopian society, a must-go-to destination for anyone and everyone who is willing to partake in this very eccentric and parallel (short lasting) society. If you’re like me, a sad non-goer, too bad, if you are however on your way to Nevada, here’s the top choices in eyewear, which are, mind you, essential in telling the tale of your very ‘Burningesque’ character.

I was having a look at the last editions and trying to figure out a pattern in eyewear. I failed at that. I did however realize two major waves: Steampunk and creatively aloof looks, or dress as you like, after all, this festival is a fully judgment free zone/society.


So the Steampunk characters have a lot to do with the general mood of the festival. In case you’re unfamiliar with the word, Steampunk is a sub genre of Science Fiction that mixes technology and design from early 19th century steam run machines. Most literature describes the Steampunk as a post apocalyptic era with no energy other than steam. This description fits in lovely with the scenery devised at the Playa. Most Steampunk specs are round, have lateral protection, and some, really go over the top like the kaleidoscope versions. If you are into motorbikes or climbing, your regular specs with lateral leather will do just fine. Granted sand storms are HUGE, you will want to protect your eyes as much as possible, and needles to say that the sun shines hard. Ideal scenario: Glacier inspired specs with UV filter dark lenses.

Dress as you like

Nonetheless, comfort is clearly not in any of the goer’s agendas. You’re there to camp, shower as little to none as possible, maybe starve, and have an amazing time whilst enacting your craziest, sexiest and most aloof character. Having said so, this is the perfect spot for you to take out impressive specs, ones that might be hard to coordinate with your otherwise urban attire. In fact I suggest you get hold of one of these funky and very original specs from the likes of Parasite eyewear (who constantly re-interpret the future), Mercura NYC (on the verge of excessive baroque), Percy Lau (who might as well have exited a Sci Fi movie), Coco and Breezy (who encourage you to open your third eye chakra), A-Morrir (bedazzled masochism) or Fak by Fak (who take gamification onto eyewear), give them a try at Burning Man and up your specs game after the music festival as well.

Shields and masks

Futurism is grand, and shields are great at telling this story. If your overall look is on the metal, crazy futuristic side, do have a look at eyewear masks and shields.

Love is love

Love is in the air and probably all around, so nothing more appropriate that heart shaped specs.


You can always style a pair of ski googles or style around them and look fabulous and be comfortable. The ones with mirrored lenses are a festival favorite.

Metals and mirrors

Tubular metal with colored lenses is are great pick. Especially designs that have an industrial feel to them. These are great specs to be worn at Burning Man and long after as well. Vintage 80s and 90s shapes are a must have and a great tip to invest in.


Bottom line: Enjoy the show and WEAR YOUR SPECS!



New specs for your dad

Father’s day is right around the corner in Brazil.

Socks, shirts and boring accessories are out of the game this year. The best and most memorable gift? Eyewear, of course. We’ve selected a super hot list with the best in independent eyewear in the Brazilian scene right now.


Tech savvy and modern dads

Dads who are into technology and appreciate good design are huge candidates for Mykita and Face à Face specs. Both brands work design in very different and yet interesting ways and have light weight materials that make these specs easy to wear all day long.

The German brand Mykita is well known for working stainless steel in the very essential making it extremely light. The specs have the brand’s patent screw less hinge that make it super high tech, not to mention durable. High tech at its best! Mykita Mylon is 3D printed, has more body to the design, but remains faithful to the brand’s light and strictly essential design.

The french brand Face à Face on the other hand makes fashion and design more evident than technology. Albeit the pieces are constructed like and inspired by architecture, it is the play with shapes and colors that draw’s one’s attention. The bold and yet very masculine color combination is an interesting way to move away from the obvious. All specs are equally comfortable. The Alium series uses aluminum in a very industrial manner.

 If your dad’s running away from reading glasses…

To begin with let him know that men in specs are absolutely a sight for sore eyes, plus they’re a lot cooler and more stylish than those without. Needing readers is no longer a bad thing, or tacky in any way. The world has changed, dad!

Here to prove this very point is the french brand Izipizi, a real breakthrough

All shapes are simple, fun and easy. They’re marketed and designed in such a manner that dad can and probably will have a pair in the car, at the office, at home, in each and every drawer. The whole ‘tired eyes’ concept is re-visited and re-packaged. Trust me. Specs are SO COOL!


Your father might not know this, but chances are that if you consider your ‘old man’ meticulous and classy he is actually a dandy. Sophisticated and elegant. And dandy’s are a HUGE THING, and two brands in specific know just how to fit these men of very good taste: RVS and Res Rei.

RVS creates modern vintage eyewear with the utmost Japanese precision. The ‘re-birth’ collection has each pair stamped with the exact date it left the factory (talk about exclusivity). The delicate metal work on acetate and the attention to detail is mesmerizing. The clip on shapes are perfect for men who are always on the run and like practicality.


Res Rei is Italian to the bone. The brand works with a vintage feel in a contemporary approach. The sobriety is broken by the shapes and colorful lenses. All done in a sartorial, not a fashionable way. Timeless. The caramel acetates are an absolute must have.



Urban Sports Eyewear

Think of casual chic eyewear for sporty individuals who want cool and comfort all in one piece? We call them Urban Sports Eyewear and there’s a grand selection out there. PLAY!

Are mirrored lenses still a thing?

Not sure if you should invest in a pair of mirrored lenses for your next specs? Press PLAY and hear what our eyewear expert has to say.

Subtitles will  be available soon. Any questions in the mean time, do not hesitate to e-mail us.

Make up and eyewear

Eyewear specialist, Chantal Goldinger, tells Vogue Brasil how to match make up and glasses to have you looking your best in minutes.

Matching eyewear and accessories

Eyewear specialist, Chantal Goldfinger talks to two very influential figures, Barbara Migliori and Luiza Setubal,on the subject of matching eyewear and accessories in the most glamorous manner possible.

pq by Ron Arad

Eyewear from pq by Ron Arad is a formidable work of art that brings together technology (3D SLS printing), architectural background, design and an extra dose of irreverence.

Not born this way

Wearing specs is a lot like learning to walk in high heels. Takes love and practice, and maybe some pointers along the way.

Trust me, I wasn’t born wearing extravagant specs like these. I was once very shy and all I could bear were black or tortoise glasses. Give time I learned that I could actually use bold eyewear to hid by shyness, when you pick up something like these RVS’s, you’re going to draw attention to your face much more to what you say. Its a shield. Any how, it took balls, literally and 12 years to get here. That’s why learning to appreciate cool eyewear and developing the backbone to sport them is along, but VERY fulfilling process. Join me!

*Subtitle should come soon. But if you have any immediate questions do not hesitate to email me:

If I were on the way to Burning Man …

Entre os dias 30 de agosto e 7 de setembro a cidade de Black Rock, no deserto de Nevada, FERVE. E não é só de calor. A cidade é tomada pelo épico e mítico festival cultural que tem em seu cerne a auto expressão, arte, criatividade sem limites e descobertas pessoais .

Mais de 65 mil pessoas se encontram no Burning Man para proclamar e explorar a liberdade e o amor, em suas mais diversas formas. Um pouco Woodstock? Maybe. Mas com muita tecnologia, em um cenário lunar, digamos que no cruzamento entre Mad Max e Alice no País das Maravilhas, com um toque de Priscilla a Rainha do Deserto.

O palco (pois Black Rock vira uma Babel, onde todos querem ver e ser fotografados) abriga os dançarinos New-Age, os hedonistas, os idealistas, os hippies, os junkies e, sim, os fashionistas.

Junte suas plumas, suas camurças, seus couros e se prepare para muito topless. Tudo pode e todos são bem vindos neste cenário que procria e exala inspiração e trocas de todos os tipos.  Neste universo lúdico, sem referências, modismos ou julgamento, nada mais propício que explorar óculos cuja ousadia está traduzida no design.

Separamos algumas peças verdadeiramente magníficas para qualquer ocasião. Mas, sabendo que nem todos têm (ainda) coragem de desfilar estes pares por ruas pacatas e asfaltadas, nada mais propício que fazer um ‘test-drive’ no Burning Man.

“I’m not a virgin anymore!”–yelled by one of our camp-mates as she makes playa angels on the ground once we’re finally let in.

Why wear sunglasses?

What is the importance of wearing sunglasses, and especially in educating young children to use them? Dr. Helena Ricci explains. 

First of all you need to differentiate the use of simple dark glasses, from sunglasses with ultraviolet (UV) protection. Many people buy sunglasses without checking if they actually have UV protection. Often they buy tem from street vendors or unreliable suppliers with very low prices that may be misleading to the consumer. In addition, the fact that the lens is more or less dark has nothing to do with its UV protection. Some transparent eyeglasses, polarized, colorful, and even contact lenses can have UV protection (which should be complemented by the use of sunglasses).

The Ultraviolet rays, particularly UVA and UVB, are part of sunlight to which we are exposed to throughout our lives. They can cause cumulative damage over the years in body tissues. Therefore, it is essential to use sunscreen and also glasses with 99-100% of UVA and UVB protection. In children it is recommended that the sunglasses are made of more resistant lenses to avoid trauma and accidents during falls.

The following conditions may be associated with prolonged exposure to UVB and UVA rays:

– Lesions on the skin of the eyelid.

– Cataract: lens opacity (transparent lens inside the eye) that may need surgical correction.

– Pinguecula and pterygium : small proliferations of the conjunctiva (tissue lining the eye) that may need surgical correction.

– Macular Degeneration : change of the retina in the main area of vision (internal tissue of the eye that senses light / images and sends them to the brain) with gradual vision loss, progressive and irreversible .

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone wear glasses with UVA and UVB protection all year round! When exposed to intense sunlight on the beach, skiing or in day to day activities. When in doubt, consult your ophthalmologist.


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