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Pink eyewear

Pierpaolo Piccioli, creative director at Valentino, once said that “Pink is punk”. Pierpaolo debates that pink is a strong color, full of presence, baggage and luminosity. It is not at all a gentle Barbie vibe that most of us tend to associate with the color. Having said so, pink is always present in one way or another in his collections.


But, it’s not just Pierpaolo who has his eye on pink, rosé, baby pink or neon pink, give whatever name you want. Pink seems to be the hottest color in fashion, and in specs. Numerous brands included one or more pink acetate designs in their collections, the highlights were in charge of Gucci, Stella McCartney, Karen Walker and our very Brailian, Lapima.

The amount of brands that are playing around with pink on the eyewear fronts, the arms and the lenses is immense. Retrosuperfuture has just launched a show stopper experimenting with pink transparencies in a very high tech mood, whilst Moschino and Sunday Somewhere are all vintage. Pink is undoubtedly the hottest color and given that during last fashion month there was pink everywhere, we can only assume that it will be super easy and fun to match your rosé glasses with the new pieces that will come straight from the catwalk.

sun worshiper

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Mr. Caine in rose is one of favorites 💞 ✨find it at link in bio✨

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New Spring color ways of our Iconic Vinyl Frame. Handmade in Italy🇮🇹

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Metal frames

Is minimalism a thing again? I gave this text a huge deal of thought. I for one am a ‘more is more’ kind of person, and yet, I cannot deny that metal frames are making a HUGE comeback and are earning a well-deserved space amongst us eyewear lovers.

The current mood in the eyewear scenery is of minimal, genderless metal. The metal frames have nostalgia about them. Vintage is present all around, but in constant conflict with the future, with new technologies and avant-garde design.

Metal is the new passe-partout of contemporary style. Metal is clean, sophisticated, fits day and night, and is for many designers, genderless. How contemporary is that debate? What is at play is the shape, be it linear, round, geometric or angular. The main colours this season are black, gold and silver.

Metal has an interesting quality about it that it hides very little and allows you to style up as much or as little as you desire with a flamboyant look, lots of accessories and/or make up. Metal is neutral, metal is lasting. Having said so, a great number of brands have included one or more metal shapes in their mix this season. Albeit the focus here is on prescription eyewear, sunglasses have also partaken in this game. And interestingly, most shapes fit men and women alike, as you’ll see for yourself.

Architecture and art play a huge part in these designs.

French brand Face à Face designed one pair inspired by artist Sol Lewitt’s  stern traces or sculptures as he himself called his work, and he who is considered the founder of both Minimal and Conceptual art, is a great starting point for us. Another pair was designed and named after the De Stijl movement that took place in Holland, known for the “universality by a reduction to the essentials of form and colour; they simplified visual compositions to vertical and horizontal, using only black, white and primary colors“. The Spanish brand Alfred Kerbs drew inspiration from Alexander Calder‘s mobile, a type of moving sculpture made with delicately balanced shapes and metal wires, to create an extremely delicate aviator inspired eyewear with overlapping lenses, cleverly named Airplane. This piece is as light as a mobile. And is unissex. Lool eyewear, a young and very promising brand based in Barcelona draws inspiration from the city itself to create designs from sheets of steel. Their design from the Tectonic Series is a grand example of architecture in eyewear. “They are worked by hand, one by one in a precise technical process, combining the industrial and manual, man and machine. The design lines reflects our main influence, retrofuturism infusing in this way its own unique personality to each and every one of our pieces.”


Vintage re-visited and re-interpreted

Metal has been around much longer than acetate, hence, history has immortalized a series fe important figures in small metal frames. Our contemporary brands know that, and have claimed this mood. LGR eyewear is well known for working vintage designs into its very fashionable and contemporary shapes, all of which are designed and named after an African country, where most of the inspiration comes from. The Transvaal frame is an outstanding example of a very old school frame brought to 2017 in an extremely cool and statement like manner. Kudos! Smoke x Mirrors‘ design, Driver’s Seat, is inspired by England’s rock scene of the late 1970’s, this is an ultra-lightweight frame. Simple, cool, simply cool. Garrett Leight’s Club House is a refined take on the larger sized metal and masculine styles of the 80s, sculpted from thin metal with acetate temple tips.

Precious essentials

Numerous brands have stripped design down to the bare minimal, working half rims, using the space in between the double bridge and creating space where there was none. Most importantly, brands have elevated the game bringing precious metals into the game, making a point of the long lasting and lone standing quality of jewelry-like frames. Three bands have done an amazing job at the details described beforehand. Linda Farrow has created a ‘fake’ half rim playing with metals of different colors, crafted with white gold plated elements. In a retro round aviator silhouette, lightweight black to 18-22 carat white gold plated Japanese titanium frames are contrasted with black Italian acetate temples, inspired by raw elements found in nature. Leisure Society’s Clairaut frame is named after the peerless astronomer, Alexis Clairaut, this frame has a two-tone “frame within a frame” design that is skillfully engineered utilizing 10 hidden screws . The frame’s distinct look can only be achieved through sculpting solid blocks of titanium. 100% pure titanium plated in 12k silver, 18k gold, 18k rose gold combined with matching titanium temples. Individually numbered and handmade in Japan from the world’s finest artisanal craftsmen, this is a pure example of eyewear jewelry. Ahlem’s limited edition Concorde specs are Palladium frames dipped in 3 microns of gold, be it white, rose or yellow.

Small sunglasses are king

Like it or not, the 90’s seem to be back, in your face, literally! Small sunglasses are kings of street style and thanks to Balenciaga, are now taking the runway.

These very decorative pieces have made a head start on the faces of Bella Haddid and Kendall Jenner and have, as all trends, spread their tentacles worldwide.

Quick re-cap before we proceed, and be warned, before you go ahead and point fingers at who copied who, this is a 90’s trend, the shapes are pretty simple, albeit some examples. Still in doubt? Check beau Keanu and friends in The Matrix. Full stop. Britney, the Backstreet Boys and even mini (trendsetter) Olsen twins did it. The small, oval and sometimes tinted lenses vibe was seen in TV and print magazines (yesssss a lifetime ago when there was no social media). At some stage we must all have copied them, be it at school break, or Halloween parties.

Flash forward. This year’s Cannes Film Festival made a HUGE deal (and so did I) about Queen Riri in sunglasses on the red carpet. Interestingly enough the specs were on her face (kudos), but not doing their job. Her eyeballs were completely exposed and she was (hold your breath) looking OVER the darn lenses.

Rhianna in Andy Wolf sunglasses at Cannes Film Festival.

Rhianna in Andy Wolf

Trend? Yes! Useful? Absolutely not! Want prove? Here’s Gigi Haddid keeping sunlight out with her sheltering hands rather than her specs, well, because the specs are only there for decorative purposes.

Gigi Haddid in Roberi and Fraud sunglasses

Gigi Haddid in Roberi and Fraud sunglasses

So, our street style queens, Bella and Kendall, have beautiful eyes, and they make a point of showing them OVER their specs, rather than from behind. They have quite a collection of mini specs. The funny thing about fashion trends is that they hit the road and spread like a plague before anyone validates them. Having said so, who’s who have also been seen wearing small specs.

You might be wondering what’s my problem with mini specs. I wouldn’t say I have a personal problem rather than: they serve no protection when worn at the tip of your nose (cool granny style), and when worn on your face, will, they offer a tad more protection granted you’re not directly exposed to the sun. But who am I? I’m only here to analyze this trend and help you pick a pair. I’d normally say, ‘a pair that fits’, but this odd trend is NOT meant to fit.

I’ll be bold and say that one of the brands on the forefront of this trend is RVS Eyewear, who have been working on small Palladium frames as of 2012, mainly in gold and metal. Their motto is “Be original or perish” and indeed, originality has taken the front seat, thus so many ‘freely inspired’ specs going around.

And then the others came along like Roberi and Fraud, and lately, Balenciaga, making a point of these shady shades in their latest fashion show.

If you’re into different designs and still want to be a part of the over arching trend, I suggest having a look at Berlin based Pawaka, who’s design is anything BUT ordinary.

Be advised, this is but a trend, and I hardly think it will stick. Why? For one, these specs offer very little comfort, and on the other hand, there’s a huge wave of over the top eyewear zooming in on the market. If I were to pick a battle, I’d do big and bold.

Trend to follow: colored lenses

Trend to follow: colored lenses

‘Tis the season of the year, and of fashion, to let your beautiful eyes even more exposed. We saw an immense invasion of colored lenses in the street style out there and especially in the Coachella.


Fun and very bright coloured lenses (yellow, red, blue and green) are perfect for the city, and even better for these spring days. These glasses can and should be used from 9 to past 5pm: on the street, in cafes, in the office and even at happy hour. These glasses have UVA/UVB protection, which means they are sunglasses, but they are not to be worn on the beach o the peak of summer. These glasses are the best definition of a cool accessory, the perfect finnish to any fab look!

Those who enjoy that 70’s vibe should invest in at least a pair.

Here’s the season’s coolest 🙂



Specs to shine in

You were born to shine. No matter what they say, no matter if your self esteem fluctuates, no matter what your hair looks like and even less the place where you’re headed too. Shine, the whole way.

If you need help to enhance your inner light (which is already strong, I’m sure), fashion is here to help. The sparkles, the excesses and the rhinestones are making quite an elegant a come back. Gucci, for example, extrapolated in the shape and quantity of stones on their glasses, shown last season, making it clear that the regular 9 to 5 look deserves a pumped up.

Several brands, such as Jimmy Choo, bet on glitter, others like Miu Miu, on colored stones, and some simply do not follow rules and are firm believers of the more is more movement, as is the case of the always daring and amazing Anna Karin-Karlsson.

What was made clear is that stones left the habiée look and conquered the streets and the sunlight. The fact that these extravagant glasses have sun lenses makes it clear that we no longer have to wait for a gala event to look grand. Going to the supermarket? To the hair dresser? Lunch? Work? Then you deserve a nice pair of shiny glasses!

Although this daytime movement is very evident, we still need to draw attention at night. The tip here is to choose a pair of glasses (from this extravagant selection) that attract you and change the sun lenses for translucent prescription lenses. Glasses are the most attractive accessory of all and I guarantee that they will make you shine, day or night.

We’ve selected some very interesting pairs to start this sparkling path of yours. Bring on 2017!


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Are mirrored lenses still a thing?

Not sure if you should invest in a pair of mirrored lenses for your next specs? Press PLAY and hear what our eyewear expert has to say.

Subtitles will  be available soon. Any questions in the mean time, do not hesitate to e-mail us.

The butterfly effect

The internet took a nice bow this week, as it usually does, with socieal media phenomenons. This time young Miss Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, in Miu Miu‘s latest fashion film, took the blame.

Kaia is the protagonist in the brand’s Scenique eyewear video. The vídeo is very scenic and blase at the same time, exloring the delicious feeling of a warm summer breeze by the pool. In a very David Hockney setting. See for yourself.

This series flirts with some retro elements, such as curved metal, tinted lenses and the butterfly shape/effect. The over all mood is of female vs playful. The design is exuberant and lean, all together. The collection has metal, acetate, sunnies and optical frames, all of which pay some homage to the lightness and delicacy of a butterfly.

As I sat writing this piece I thought about older butterfly models that got the industry going. Starting with Peggy Guggenheim and her very iconic butterfly frames she commissioned painter Edward Melcarth to create, going to Oliver Goldsmith’s almost Carnival-like extra realistic giant insect. Pick and choose babe, the motto of the day is to fly, and fly high.

When your arms are too short for your eyes

What to do?

Before throwing stones (the internet is full of haters) let’s put things into perspective . I still do not have 40 years and thus do not yet wear reading glasses. But mind you, that’s on my road map. And yet , here I am as always romanticizing glasses.

Let’s change age for maturity, because that’s so much more classy, loves! Call it a natural fact of life, or if you’re undergoing this phase, please correct me, but there should be nothing embarrassing about it. The fact is, there comes a time in life in which the arms of men and women are too short for any reading. Damned! Until science comes up with a forearm with a  stretcher ability, what remains are glasses. Therefore, let’s face the glasses as a good thing? Its either that or wear contact lenses, or get wrinkles around the eyes, kids. Glasses, right!

Particularly I think cool reading glasses rock. The act of putting them on and off is very sexy. Many brands now invest heavily in glasses for short distances, and so that you can put aside the antique “Gandma and Grandpa” shapes. In truth what you need right now are glasses with a small or medium focal field, that is, any brand can meet your requirements. There is no “elderly section” to be directed to. These are glasses we are talking about.  Having said that, there’s no need to be afraid or ashamed to go into an optical store (or buy online), what you want is a light, small and wonderful pair! Go get wild !!!

Look for your next glasses with love, I can do a lot for you! And if you need a helping hand, we are here !!!

Here’s a great selection to get you thinking.

This season’s square eyes

The British newspaper The Guardian published a wonderful story last month that made ​​me think about the fine line between fashion and our eyewear choices. 

Square eyes: this season’s spectacles are big, bold and ugly. The journalist talks about the giant and not at all fancy glasses that flooded the SS16 catwalks. In fact , it seems , designers seem to think that size matters, and what matters must be to cover your face. The choices of Michele Alessandro from Gucci sort of make this clear . The faces, of other wise angelic models are turned geeky by odd frames of indefinite colors, and oversize. Agelina Jolie in her new movie shows masterfully what not to look for in a pair of glasses (!!!)

We do not believe in facial shape, therefore I can say that this fashion, more than ever is for very few . The fashion of oversized , mezzo grandma, mezzo grunge, should be used only A) by grandmothers who understand this fashion trend, or B ) by pseudo hipsters wearing a vintage shirt and whose nose and ears play a piece where size is concerned. Otherwise these glasses will not say anything to people!  It’s not vintage, it is a strange reinterpretation that does not favor his/her eyes and cut the eyebrow.

When I say GO BIG OR GO HOME is with caveats, see the current collection.


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