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Frost eyewear: Storytelling and innovation

Frost Eyewear reaches its 20th anniversary with an amazing repertoire of stories, shapes and an extra dose of irreverence.

We caught up with Marion Frost, head designer, at Silmo and had a glimpse into the Frost universe. Did you know that there’s a specific pair of glasses for a French Kiss, and another to open your mind and brighten ideas? That’s just a preview of how grand the brand is. PLAY!


Hapter Eyewear: Mountain-urban specs

In the second episode of the web series ‘Inside Silmo’ we bring you Hapter Eyewear, a brand whose origins date back to a pair of Second World War goggles. Today the brand has moved from the Dolomites to urban centers and is conquering fashionistas who like storytelling, style and technology.

Given the boldness of the brand, needless to say we are absolutely in love with their origins.  Press the play button and see the bombshell news presented in the last optical salon in Paris.



Inside Silmo

Want to know what it is like to be inside the bustling trade shows that take over the optical industry? This is the first episode of our insider series that takes you to Silmo, one of the biggest trade shows that takes place in Paris.

Urban Sports Eyewear

Think of casual chic eyewear for sporty individuals who want cool and comfort all in one piece? We call them Urban Sports Eyewear and there’s a grand selection out there. PLAY!

Are mirrored lenses still a thing?

Not sure if you should invest in a pair of mirrored lenses for your next specs? Press PLAY and hear what our eyewear expert has to say.

Subtitles will  be available soon. Any questions in the mean time, do not hesitate to e-mail us.

Make up and eyewear

Eyewear specialist, Chantal Goldinger, tells Vogue Brasil how to match make up and glasses to have you looking your best in minutes.

Matching eyewear and accessories

Eyewear specialist, Chantal Goldfinger talks to two very influential figures, Barbara Migliori and Luiza Setubal,on the subject of matching eyewear and accessories in the most glamorous manner possible.

pq by Ron Arad

Eyewear from pq by Ron Arad is a formidable work of art that brings together technology (3D SLS printing), architectural background, design and an extra dose of irreverence.

Not born this way

Wearing specs is a lot like learning to walk in high heels. Takes love and practice, and maybe some pointers along the way.

Trust me, I wasn’t born wearing extravagant specs like these. I was once very shy and all I could bear were black or tortoise glasses. Give time I learned that I could actually use bold eyewear to hid by shyness, when you pick up something like these RVS’s, you’re going to draw attention to your face much more to what you say. Its a shield. Any how, it took balls, literally and 12 years to get here. That’s why learning to appreciate cool eyewear and developing the backbone to sport them is along, but VERY fulfilling process. Join me!

*Subtitle should come soon. But if you have any immediate questions do not hesitate to email me:

#Eye2Eye: Lunettic

Silent, but full of personality, Lunettic brand, the creation of the partners Priscila Tamura and Carina Sacchelli, makes the debut of its second collection, created, designed, and marketed on Brazilian soil.

ITALY COMES TO YOU is a mature and elegant collection, designed by young cosmopolitans, produced with Mazzucchelli acetate and handmade in Brazil. The DNA of the brand is the classic, unpretentious and timeless design.

The partners behind the brand are committed to changing consumer perception that is increasingly searching for authentic designer pieces, and independent other than well-known brands screaming logos and dejà-vú prints.

Introducing a new product in a market like optical is no easy task, but the girls have clear that in addition to selling they will have to educate their consumers to realize the value of their product:

I want people to start thinking of glasses in a different way, not only as a protector for sunny days, or to correct your vision, glasses are awesome accessories, its literally a frame for the face, that highlights your best qualities

Have a look:



Vision: Tatiana Viana (@tativiana1)

Editing: Dico Demos (@dicodemos)


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