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Silmo d’Or 2017

Next week starts the grand eyewear feast.

The world’s largest optical fair opens its doors in Paris next week to show the world what brands, trends and news are hot in the industry. In addition, it will be the 50th edition of Silmo, I trust that means we shall have lots of interesting novelty

The traditional eyewear ‘Oscars’, aka SILMO D’OR, takes place on the 7th. There are 10 categories that range from: low vision to children’s glasses, going through technology and finishing with design. Each category has 5 nominees and a single winner.

The most interesting categories for us, design lovers, are: trend in optical frame, design in optic frame, trend in sunglasses and design in sunglasses. Below are pictures of some of the most interesting candidates to win the Silmo d’Or. This is just a little taste of how spectacular this year’s Silmo is expected to be.


When your arms are too short for your eyes

What to do?

Before throwing stones (the internet is full of haters) let’s put things into perspective . I still do not have 40 years and thus do not yet wear reading glasses. But mind you, that’s on my road map. And yet , here I am as always romanticizing glasses.

Let’s change age for maturity, because that’s so much more classy, loves! Call it a natural fact of life, or if you’re undergoing this phase, please correct me, but there should be nothing embarrassing about it. The fact is, there comes a time in life in which the arms of men and women are too short for any reading. Damned! Until science comes up with a forearm with a  stretcher ability, what remains are glasses. Therefore, let’s face the glasses as a good thing? Its either that or wear contact lenses, or get wrinkles around the eyes, kids. Glasses, right!

Particularly I think cool reading glasses rock. The act of putting them on and off is very sexy. Many brands now invest heavily in glasses for short distances, and so that you can put aside the antique “Gandma and Grandpa” shapes. In truth what you need right now are glasses with a small or medium focal field, that is, any brand can meet your requirements. There is no “elderly section” to be directed to. These are glasses we are talking about.  Having said that, there’s no need to be afraid or ashamed to go into an optical store (or buy online), what you want is a light, small and wonderful pair! Go get wild !!!

Look for your next glasses with love, I can do a lot for you! And if you need a helping hand, we are here !!!

Here’s a great selection to get you thinking.

NY’s best eyewear stores. Part 2

I’m back from another NYC season, and as customary I HAVE NEWS! I searched high and low for the best eyewear stores and must go to destinations when in town. I’ve updated the city guide with fresh picks!

Punto Ottico Humaneyes

A shy showcase in the Upper East hides secrets worthy of an art gallery. The store is intimate, the eyewear is carefully displayed and precisely illuminated. All specs are separated by COLOR! One could expect nothing less granted that the pieces shown are in fact works of art. The focus is on independent brands, and new bets. There we’ll find, for example: Vava, Jacques Durand, Masahiro Maruyama, Theo, Veronika Wildgruber, among some others hand picked. The service is impeccable. Take your time, try as many pieces as needed, be in silence and appreciate the eyewear. It’s a must!

Three Monkeys Eyewear

This super funky this store in Soho was an amazing find . The pieces are very trendy, and the selection is huge . The coolest thing is that everything is organized by shape!!! The brands that line the walls are, for example : 40 million, Komono, Super, Toms and their very own 3 Monkeys . The prices are also fabulous, not to mention that its in a gorgeous street and the staff is extra friendly and hip.


There are two addresses, one in NYC and one in Miami. The store has become synonymous with good taste and exclusivity among #SpecsAddicts . The selection varies from LA Eyeworks to Oliver Goldsmith vintage going through some fabulous Kirk & Kirk and Blake Kuwahara‘s, for example. Quantity vc quality is the norm. All up-to-date and many super special or numbered pieces. The service is sublime. Do stop by if you want to stand out.

Anne Et Valentin 

I love wandering into the shops of Anne et Valentin . Very few exhibited products and exceptional service. Only after a chat does the professional begin to pick out eyewear for your need and personality. But do not expect your typical aviator or pantos . The mix very diverse, with many unusual shapes , metals, acetates and vibrant colors . In addition to several pieces from Anne et Valentin, the stores also carry Jean Philippe Joly, Kuboraum, Jacques Marie Mage and Theo. Its worth the trip.

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